Do you know that for less than your monthly Verizon bill, you can get a colonoscopy in China?

The average cost of a monthly plan in the USA is $113, and that’s about how much I’ll be paying for my spring cleaning (

The fun will begin Friday morning as the doctor already gave me my Party Starter Kit.

I’ll get up at four, mix a few cocktails–shaken not stirred, and four hours later, I’ll be as clean as a whistle.

Usually, I get this stuff done at Bangkok’s Bumrungrad hospital, as medical tourism is big there. but due to COVID, I’ll be getting my mid-life tune up in Kunming, at Boya Hospital.

The specialist in Kunming is top-notched. Why a brainiac would want to specialize in rectum roto-rootery, I’ll never know.

I will spare you the pictures. I wonder however, if the doctor’s camera is a Huawei, bringing social tracing to a whole new level.

So, does this sound like more fun than unlimited minutes?

The Chinese colonoscopy is only $107, which leaves enough money for aspirin and some tasty Kunming street-food, like, Vietnamese Bánh Cuốn. I doubt if I’ll be enjoying this meal on Friday night.

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