What do you do on the worse day of your life? Order a crappy cup of coffee, literally crappy.

That’s what I did when  my husband left me  in the middle of China, the eve of our wedding anniversary. I decided to drown my sorrows in a cup of Copi Luwak, better known as butt bean brew*.

That’s when I realized life doesn’t always end up a Julia Roberts movie. Just like those bitter beans, you can grind life’s crappy experiences into something good.

When Life Gives You Butt Beans is great for “women of a certain age” contemplating divorce, OR  anyone whose life isn’t the fairy tale they wanted. Sixty inspiring pages.

Order a copy today! Just $5.

It will take a few weeks  (as it will be shipped from my quirky apartment in China) but will arrive in an envelope covered with cool stamps. Email your shipping details to: Ginger@Tastyfaith.com.  Or, get a steamy cupful on your Kindle below.


  • Butt bean or Copi Luwak coffee is made with beans that passed through the intestinal track of a civet cat. (You might have heard about this coffee in the movie, The Bucket List).