My name is Ginger Sinsabaugh  MacDonald  or  麦静洁  in Chinese characters literally translates into Pure and Peaceful Hamburger Bun. I know this because I lived in China from 2010-2023. I survived intestinal parasites, COVID, and a divorce that spanned thirteen time zones and two continents. 

In 2015, I took a year to sort things out, and cooked for four hundred folks a day at JPUSA, a faith-based community in Uptown, Chicago. I arrived with nothing but a seven-foot marlin, hope, and a damn good wok. Nothing changes your life more than getting a hug from a homeless lady thanking you for your Brussel sprouts.


But now I’m ready for a new adventure as I say adios to China and hola to an explosion of creativity, hiking and world class cuisine in Lima, Peru. And, of course, the forty-some cats of Kennedy Park.

Two things I’ve learned over the years are this: First, God will weave our lives together in ways that we would never imagine, yet things will work out. And, by sharing our stories, our loads seem lighter. I’d love to hear yours.