After years of living in China where copyright laws are not acknowledged, I am still getting requests for materials for urban youth and outreach programs. So, I’m “turning local” and making these urban youth ministry resources FREE for you to copy. All I ask is that you say thanks, and share them with your thousand closest friends.

Here’s how to get free resources for your inner-city youth group. Note: they are old school!

  1. Just email me at
  2. Select the resource of your choice. A link to download the digital recourses will be sent to you directly.
  3. Now go change the world already!

Another Boy From the Hood. FREE!

His mom was a teen. He was poor and an unpopular minority. Christ’s life was a lot like teens you deal with today. Get this life-changing resource, packed with stories from “real boys” for free!

Life After Birth for Teen Moms. Free!

The only thing more difficult than being a teen mom is being a teen mom without the strength of faith. 

Blend Literacy Building Skills with Life-Changing Messages. Shortie Pages FREE!

Shortie Pages Life is a Trip.

Shortie Pages Inner City Israelites

Shortie Pages Leap of Faith

Shortie Pages Bad Dogs and Wild Hogs

Shortie Pages Tuff Like Me

SLAM!  Urban Teen Youth Ministry. FREE!