There’s only one thing worse than traveling in China’s during the spring festival. That’s knowing that one of the passengers is the Corona Virus.

I searched Kunming for a face mask. Finding one was harder than finding a size nine women’s shoe.  The entire country was sold out, like Tickle Me Elmos that one year at Christmas.

Anyone who was flying anywhere in China was wearing one, meaning, EVERYONE.

For those of you who do not live in China, hundreds of millions of folks travel this time of year…which is why I headed to Laos.

But just in case you forgot your face mask or checked it with your baggage, the flight attendants were handing them out.

Actually, China is doing a good job getting the news out. I even got a message on  Wechat.

The American Consulate sends health alerts to inbox.  If you’re not receiving alerts from the embassy, sign up now!


Want ideas on how to create an Air Quality Garden?  Ask Rachel Brown!

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