So I got a real cool teaching tool for my classroom. Not sharpies or flash cards, but a monkey mask.

Slightly used, but just a buck fifty.

I started the class by telling the students I saw a monkey in front of the school. They weren’t impressed. As they worked on their spelling words,  I had to use the restroom.  That’s when I pulled a Clark Kent and transformed myself into Monkey woman. I put on the mask, raced around the building to the  classroom window, pressed my face up against the glass and grunted.

The students screamed. I mean, screamed.

I  took off my mask, ran back into the classroom,  expecting my students to laugh and say,  “Mrs. Mac! We saw a monkey!”

Well, it didn’t go as expected.  Instead, I entered a classroom of students on the verge of tears. Mike, the oldest and cleverest, cried, “Teacher! We saw a monster!”

“Are you sure it wasn’t a monkey?”

“No!” Mike insisted, his bottom lip quivering, his skin ghost white. He  pointed to  his classmates, stretched out on the ground.

“YaWei and Jenny die! There is a monster!”

This is not good. Life doesn’t always go as planned.

To prevent a meltdown, I brought Mike into the hall and showed him the mask.  His smile returned, my lesson plan put on hold until the next day. I spent the rest of the class assuring the students that it was just me in the mask.

Haibo, a jovial staff member, helped get the students laughing.









I was able to use the monkey to help with the week’s vocabulary. Words included: brave, cowardly, messy and neat, broom, mop, but not meltdown or panic.

I’m sure the students will never forget the words. If you watch the video, the students read a paragraph about the day’s events.

The monkeying around continued the next day during art class. Free hair cuts.



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