Styrofoam Man

OK, I hate Chicago traffic. But in China, getting stuck on a bus makes you thankful. Why? You always see someone who has it worse you. Like this styrofoam man, in Kunming, China. I mean, how do you get this job? Was he a Tour de France hopeful who didn’t make the cut, just like the Olympic 4th placer who […]

Xie-Xie, Scooby-Doo

                                “Mrs. Mac,” Grace asked, her smile slightly less bright than a 1000 watt bulb. Do you think Jenny can have that piece of paper?  She’s so excited!” It was a seemingly blank piece of  white paper that contained nothing other than a UBS logo […]

Seven Foot Marlin

I can’t remember what I ate for breakfast on my wedding day.  But I do I remember the kitchen was a wreck as the condo was in the final stages of being updated, the avocado green appliances being replaced with newlywed stainless steel. And my night sleep wasn’t good; I parked on the couch as my pots and pans covered […]

Life is Sweet

Eenie Meenie Minie Moe. Which Sapa darling do I buy the honey from? I looked at the three old ladies, all equally lovely, their faces road maps to hardships I can’t fathom. Their silver earrings stretched their ears into fleshy hula hoops, their black hair coiled on their heads like silky snakes. In front of each is a plastic bucket […]

The Frog Monger

I wanted to look away but I couldn’t. She had a corner on the sidewalk near our bank. I was drawn to her raggedy rice hat and crumpled up face, like a dollar bill that had gone thru the wash. She squatted on her store, a blanket spread on the ground, her wares a basket of frogs, each the size […]

Monkeying Around

So I got a real cool teaching tool for my classroom. Not sharpies or flash cards, but a monkey mask. Slightly used, but just a buck fifty. I started the class by telling the students I saw a monkey in front of the school. They weren’t impressed. As they worked on their spelling words,  I had to use the restroom.  […]