OK, I hate Chicago traffic. But in China, getting stuck on a bus makes you thankful. Why? You always see someone who has it worse you.

Like this styrofoam man, in Kunming, China.

I mean, how do you get this job? Was he a Tour de France hopeful who didn’t make the cut, just like the Olympic 4th placer who ends up a chipmunk at the Ice Capades? I jumped off the bus to snap this shot, so pardon the blurriness.

These cyclists aren’t juiced up Lance Armstrongs. Most of them are older guys with Liqun cigarettes dangling from their mouths, while peddling up hill yet.

I doubt if recyclers have nest eggs as large as their loads. They usually have an “enjoy every moment” attitude, just like shoe shiners.  Last Friday, one with a huge rice hat and picket fence smile came up to my table at a local watering hole. After polishing our shoes, she polished off the rest of my friend’s beer.

We had to laugh. She sure did.

Or this guy. Reminds me of that of the Dire Strait song, Money for Nothing.

We gotta install microwave ovens
Custom kitchen deliveries
We gotta move these refrigerators
We gotta move these color TV’s…

We call carry heavy burdens, but by sharing our stories, our loads seem lighter. Laugh, love, and remember: one man’s burden is another man’s styrofoam.


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