Chinese Costco

The rumors are true. There is a  Costco store in China. The bummer is, the store in online, meaning no free samples of  pigs in the blanket in the frozen aisle. I mean, without samples, what’s the point of Costco? But in the quaint village Kunming,  (population approaching seven million), there is Metro. It’s a German version of the popular […]

Dang Zhang Lang!

Nothing says you’re in china like a cockroach in your refrigerator. So I sublet an apartment in Kunming from a young Canadian with slightly bad hygiene. (The locals really didn’t notice. All westerners stink to them). But this guy looked like he needed a shower right after he toweled off, the smell of BO reminiscent of a high school locker room. […]

Zhunk Food

It’s Dragon Day festival in China,  another holiday that revolves around food. Lots of it. These are called zhongzi (pronounced jong-gee) a pyramid shaped package of rice and sweet fruit filling–at least I think it’s fruit–with a few good size seeds. You can crack a tooth on one of them if you’re not careful. You can’t buy zhongi from a […]

Twice as bright, half as long

It was even too twisted for a Stephen King novel. I got the text from my husband and the waves of pain from southern California hit Kunming China like a tsunami. A friend lost his second son in eighteen months. To make the nightmare even worse,  both deaths were the result of suicide. The second son,   like his brother, pried open […]

Magic Mountain

I knew it was going to be a serious hike when a leathery vendor tried to sell me a canister of oxygen. “No thanks, ” I said, wondering if she knew something that I didn’t. It’s Jiao Zi  (pronounced like “wowza”) Mountain.  It’s forty two hundred meters  high, a century back in time and a two hour drive outside of Kunming. […]