One star.

I just came back from a quick trip to Vietnam. The trip to Vietnam from my abode in Kunming was about the same schlepp as from Chicago to Charlevoix,  Michigan. There aren’t any McDonald’s to stop at along the way,  but a lot of fun sights that made this get-away memorable as well as reasonable.   The entire adventure costing […]

Twice as bright, half as long

It was even too twisted for a Stephen King novel. I got the text from my husband and the waves of pain from southern California hit Kunming China like a tsunami. A friend lost his second son in eighteen months. To make the nightmare even worse,  both deaths were the result of suicide. The second son,   like his brother, pried open […]

After School Snacks

Chinese teens are no different than American teens: as soon as school lets out, they reach for a snack. This lady had a Chinese burrito. An eggy “tortilla” packed with spices, chips and a Chinese hotdog. I’d rather have my fingernails removed than eat a Chinese hot dog. The ping pong team was still practicing… but the girls were at […]


  I miss some of my hang outs in Chicago’s Uptown. Everybody’s Coffee The lobby of Friendly Towers. Dollop. But I  do have a few hangouts in Kunming’s BeiChen area. Here are some of my stomping grounds on the flip side. This is one of my favorite coffee shops in the BeiChen Fortune Shopping Mall.  They have coffee, waffles and […]

Cute Háizi

China makes a lot of things…but the cutest thing they make are kids. Here are some snips of some children or  hái zi  (pronounced hide-zha) that caught my eye this week. Girl playing with her smart phone at a Muslim Goat Hot Pot restaurant. A pint size sherpa climbing  Snow Mountain, Yunnan,  China. Bundled up Bus Baby in itsy bitsy glasses. David likes to […]

Magic Mountain

I knew it was going to be a serious hike when a leathery vendor tried to sell me a canister of oxygen. “No thanks, ” I said, wondering if she knew something that I didn’t. It’s Jiao Zi  (pronounced like “wowza”) Mountain.  It’s forty two hundred meters  high, a century back in time and a two hour drive outside of Kunming. […]