Lessons in Doing Nothing

Last night, someone slept through my class. But it wasn’t a student. It was me. Not only did I also slept through my midnight/lunch-time catnap alarm, I slept through three calls from my classroom assistant in China wondering where I was, along with a text from my principal: “Is everything OK?” Well yes and no. My Zoom didn’t turn into […]

Filling a Father’s Shoes

It was a few days after the Oklahoma City bombings. I was behind a two way mirror in Florida eating handfuls of m&ms while listening to women discuss fiber infused yogurt when I got the call from my oldest sister. “Ginger, you better come home.” By the time American Airlines got me booked on a flight to Grand Rapids, my […]


Compared to Chicago where i heard gunshots out of my window on a regular basis, China is safe, that is, unless you are attempting to cross a street: the traffic is insane. The school has guards, police are everywhere and the airport has its share of soldiers. But still, I have a stalker. Relax. He’s six and eagerly wants to […]

Year of the Entitled Attitude

“So Ginger, do you want to come over for game night? We’re playing Secret Hitler.” I rubbed my eyes. “I think I’ve been playing it all day.” Don’t go off the deep end. My book club friends are also into high strategy board games, the kind that require you to watch a You-Tube Video before rolling the dice. In Secret […]


  So, between my semi-annual my-body’s falling-apart check upand street-food crawl in Bangkok, I stopped at a café for a cup of WiFi when I started talking with a guy named James. He has your typical ex-pat bio. James is a former country dancer employed by a high-tech business in Portland but he’s working at the India branch. Like I […]