Why I got my hair cut.

It was a typical day in China. I was out enjoying the typical Chinese scenery… teaching English at an upscale Equestrian -Golf club outside of Kunming, China. It was the kind of resort where you’d wipe your butt with hundred dollar bills…that is,if they offered toilet paper in their restrooms. Luxurious was an understatement for this resort. Easily five stars, just like […]

Golden, Fushcia and Leopard Print Temple

Monday was the fifteenth day of the new Chinese Year,   which is also known as the Lantern Festival. Fireworks are  replaced with colorful incense …. and floating lanterns are released in the sky. This caused a colorful block of traffic on my way to school,    as I take a short cut thru the Golden Temple (in Kunming, China) to get there.   The buses had to wait […]

Chinese Diners and Dives

I did the math. Eight seven thousand five hundred.  That’s the number of servings I prepared last year at Jesus People USA,  feeding  three hundred and fifty funky folks each night, five days a week.  That doesn’t include the meals that end up at Uptown shelters or the folks at Tent City. Or the lumpy grits that no one would […]

Oh, crap! 糟糕: Tzao Gao

The biggest difference between countries is not their style of politics but the little things,  ATMs, traffic signals, directions on a washing machine, but most important, the rules and expressions for using the toilet. In the land of the free to pee, American public johns are not filled with signs about fines of how to squat or what to plop. […]

The Nightmare Before New Years

There’s only one thing louder than in China than New Year’s. It’s a Chinese Walmart on New Year’s Eve. Instead of fighting over Tickle Me Elmo’s and large screen TVs,  shoppers grab for handfuls of prawns. And lucky chicken feet for your hostess. There is a tea tree instead of a Christmas tree. And itchy festive clothes for the children. […]