Go fly a Fengzheng

You think it would be easy. I brought my kite from the USA to China, which sounds as ludicrous  as Anheuser Busch importing their own rice to this country to make Budweiser beer. In China,   fengzheng  flying (pronounced phone-jen)   is a serious hobby, where  yeyes, (wise grandfathers) rule the skies and teach youngsters the ropes. Or in my case, give advice on how to untangle a three […]

Farmer’s Market

I went to a farmer’s market today in Kunming. It was more colorful than a bag of Skittles. A lot of shoppers rode bikes… including this guy who needed one of those OVERSIZED  LOAD signs. My favorite was the rice bike. It’s the Chinese version of the Good Humor truck. Do you want one scoop or two? Or  strawberry shortcake? You can […]


  It’s funny flying to the flipside. Father Time either swallows a day when you fly west over the international date line,  or  gives you a day back if you fly east,  allowing you to land before you ever left. Well,  yesterday, while flying back to China, my mother in law passed away. It was about nine o’clock CST, seven hours after take off, putting […]