Drive-bys and Drive-thrus

  Really? Another drive by in McDonald’s drive thru? It wasn’t even 6 am when I heard the shots outside my window at the McDonalds on Wilson and Sheridan. The windows got shot out of this van  by a group of guys … …the the victim got hauled away in an ambulance. But nobody saw nothin’…not even the homeless lady […]

That Old Rhinestone Cross

I’m still unsure what happened. All I know is that sparks were flying as the  broken necklace  zapped a socket,  and the cross  punctured my foot. Yes,  rhinestones and all. I am still in a bit of shock over this freak accident and I’m sure Jesus is, too.  But while the chain left a singe on the power strip, the  […]

A cuppa wifi

He was shaving outside of the donut shop with one of those disposable razors you get in a hospital care kit.  I imagined how dull that blade was as he  checked his reflection in the glass. As he moved in closer to shave his jawline, the man stopped to read a sign. FREE WIFI He  placed his razor down on the cement curb and hustled inside. […]