Another drive by in McDonald’s drive thru?

It wasn’t even 6 am when I heard the shots outside my window at the McDonalds on Wilson and Sheridan.

The windows got shot out of this van  by a group of guys …


…the the victim got hauled away in an ambulance.


But nobody saw nothin’…not even the homeless lady who told me that.

Flo,  my lotto loving friend with a big floppy smile,  heard the gun shots,  too.


Her big comment was, “It happened on a Sunday, yet.”

That was the third morning shooting I heard this year. The first being earlier this spring, when a guy got his junk shot off in the alley outside of my window. The  second was a bullet in the arm after the Gay Pride Parade.

These shootings haven’t happened at Tent City,  an area under the Wilson  viaduct  that many complain is dangerous.

But at one of the busiest corners in the neighborhood.

So morning Mcmuffin people? Bring your bullet proof vest.

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