I’m still unsure what happened.

All I know is that sparks were flying as the  broken necklace  zapped a socket,  and the cross  punctured my foot.

Yes,  rhinestones and all.

I am still in a bit of shock over this freak accident and I’m sure Jesus is, too.  But while the chain left a singe on the power strip, the  cross didn’t leave much other than a nasty hole in my foot …and the fear of tetanus.

Thanks a lot, Jesus.

The cross necklace was one of many bequeathed to me by my late aunt…the same one who left me the seven foot marlin.MARLINsm

I felt that this odder than odd accident was a bad omen. I mean, sparks flew when I stepped on a religious relic.

It was a scene right out of the Exorcist.

But instead of calling a priest, I concentrated on finding my tetanus shot records. They are up to date, thank goodness, because I really don’t want to explain to a doctor what happened. It reminds me of back when I first moved to Chicago and had to go to the emergency room for an emergency pumpkin-ectomy. I tripped over a pumpkin and a piece and got lodged under my toenail.  While that was painful, i didn’t think of it as an omen (other than not to walk barefoot near pumpkins).

While America isn’t a superstitious place,  other countries Asia have  a litany  of “bad juju inducing” activities.  While teaching, I couldn’t use a red pen to write  the name of  Korean students because it symbolized death. I  had to  be careful not to leave  chopsticks straight up in my rice because that symbolized death, too.

Here are a few of my favorite superstitions from the flip side:

The bigger a person’s ears, the luckier their life.

Birthmarks on a baby signify a past life.

It is bad luck to cut your hair on a Wednesday.

Keeping eggs and oranges in your kitchen will bring happiness to your household.

Sleep with your head pointed to the west will lead to bad dreams.

Cutting the nails at night will cause the spirits of your ancestors to fret.

Don’t touch a someone’s head, not even a child. It is a sacred part of one’s body.

Three doors should not align with each other, or it will create a portal for spirits from the other world to enter.

Morning dreams are believable as it’s the time angels visit mortals.

Keep your Buddhist shrine  clean, or you might lose respect from your colleagues.


For more Thai superstitions, visit bangkok.coconuts.

That leads to this final superstition:

If you borrow content from other websites, it is wise to change the wording.

Hopefully, you won’t read any  bizarre consequences from stepping on a cross .

But if my jaw locks up, I’ll let you know.



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