No Tittle Too Little

Lately,  I’ve been feeling like a tittle. If you’re wondering what a tittle is,  you’re not alone. Tittle is a big word for that little dot that tops the small vowel “i”. I never would’ve learned the word if I wasn’t teaching language learners in Asia, in an tittle sized  village of six million people. A tittle may seem like an insignificant […]

What the Pho?

I’m made pho fo’ three hundred and fifty people this afternoon. I don’t know what pho looks like or even how to pronounce it. I think it’s pronounced fo, like fo’real and fo’get it. I’ve never made pho be-pho,  but since I lived in Asia, everyone thinks I should be a whiz at making it. Pho’ real ? Luckily, none of […]

Moving Beyond

It was an afternoon like any other in Uptown.  Crisp blue skies. A few homeless guys checking trash cans for empties. Cars waiting their turn at the stop light. Kids playing soccer on the sidewalk and the ball that bounces into the street. Then BAM! A kid gets hit. I saw the aftermath on Clarendon and Wilson a few minutes […]

My Life Out Of Storage

When I slid up   the door to the five by teen foot space,  it contained  the usual suspects: Christmas ornaments, china, kitchen utensils and an Italian desk that we don’t know how to put back together. But the rest of those duct taped boxes in the storage unit? My countless diaries. I’ve been documenting my life since I was eleven, in pink paged diaries with little locks, the margins […]