Compared to Chicago where i heard gunshots out of my window on a regular basis, China is safe, that is, unless you are attempting to cross a street: the traffic is insane. The school has guards, police are everywhere and the airport has its share of soldiers. But still, I have a stalker.

Relax. He’s six and eagerly wants to practice his English.

I first ran into him at the corner store. When he saw me, he started spitting out random English words. Car. Dog. Schooe (The final “L” sound is as rare in this country as clean public toilets). He would shake his hands and blink frantically as he tried to remember how to conjugate a verb. The conversation ended with him saying, “See you tomorrow!”

And coincidentally enough, I did.

My stalker practiced more words. I told him his English was good. He gave me a thumbs up and said, “see you tomorrow!”

And I did.

I ran into him yesterday, this time with his mom. My interaction with this pint-size stalker is typical. Kids who want to practice their English get flustered when they forget a few key words. It makes me smile and their parents proud.

See you tomorrow!

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