Get your Zao on!


Most people complain about their morning commute to work. Not me. My forty minute walk to work is like jumping into a Dr. Suess book. But replace the Cat in the Hat with Kung Fu Panda wannabes and the puff balls of Who-ville with beautiful gardens of the World Horticultural Expo in Kunming.  And oh yes, replace saying G’morning with simply saying “zao“.

KungFuMaster2Everyone is exercising to their own drummer–or should I say  paigu (??). They play badminton, ping pong, or  take part in a group dance or do a little bit of Tai Chi.

And on the way home? The old school health nuts are replaced with tourists who want to take my picture.



Am I really as interesting to look at as this guy?


I don’t think so.


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