Bad me. I’ve started a lot of posts that I didn’t finish about Kunming. Oh well. Maybe if I post the photos that inspired them, you can write your own endings.

Family Owned Diner. I frequent two local diners in Kunming, both on the way to the health club, and both family owned. This is my pork n peppers place. The daughter (right) is a carbon copy of her dad.

Moon Festival. The moon cake is the Chinese equivalent of the fruitcake you get in December. You get boxes and boxes filled with these hockey-puck treats, with unique fillings ranging from rose pedals to egg yolk (pictured above). Not exactly a Cadbury egg, which is why these are frequently regifted.

The Camel Milk Guy. I haven’t tried it, but am curious about fermented Camel’s milk. It’s not cheap. The gift box (under the blue canisters) costs about $100 US. I wonder how it tastes with Nestles Quik.

Obscure Hiking Trails and Tales. A hiking friend from Australia has to leave China for VISA reasons. Here is the pickle. Australia won’t allow him back in due to Covid. This is a violation of the Geneva Convention (remember learning about that in history class?). To complicate matters, his name and birth date are the same as a wanted murderer. The trails we hike are equally as twisted.

Sleeping Princess Mountain. What do you see when you trek to the top of Sleeping Princess Mountain (XiShan) in Kunming? A lot of smokers.

Covid 19 Test. I am traveling next week and had to get a COVID test. The only thing more difficult than the language barrier, is my ridiculously long name. The computer systems in Chinese hospitals can not handle it. But along with a QR code on my phone , I also have this document when I travel.

Writing Prompt: You can’t hear the dog. But along with two loose chickens, there was a dog barking, a toddler screaming, and a delivery guy (with the huge bags on his bike) shaking his head. I wish I knew the back story.

My quest for peanut butter. I ventured to a new wet market. Not new–as in building–but one I have never ventured to before. It was indoors and a bit claustrophobic. And, darn-it-all, they didn’t have peanutbutter.

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