Girls dream all of their lives what to wear on their wedding day. But what do you wear on the day or your divorce?

My final hearing called was scheduled for November 2nd, one thirty in the afternoon Wisconsin time. But being in China, that would be 2:30 am, thirteen hours into the future. It had been arranged that I could phone in, allowing me to attend court in my fuzzy bunny slippers.

Parts of me wanted to just roll out of bed and call in, holding up my right hand to swear in, the only witness being my Chinese “Raggedy Ann” doll and Acupuncture Man who is build like Ken. He would attend court naked.

Other parts felt I should doll up. I mean, put on my panty-hose shoes and my favorite dress. After all, it was my divorce. A day that if I looked back on that I wouldn’t remember having bed head.

I decided to take a poll with some friends. They advised me to get a pair of red pajamas-red being a powerful color both in China and of faith. And,  pajamas aren’t just for breakfast anymore in China. They are perfectly acceptable to wear shopping, on the bus and most definitely phone in court.

So what was the verdict?

I wore neither. My “Y isn’t he my X already” motioned to delay the  hearing until I could attend it in person, which won’t be until next year.

So I guess I won’t be wearing pajamas.

His decision to delay sucked, but that’s when I saw the styro-foam lady on the street. She reminded me we all carry a heavy load but by sharing our stories, our burdens seem lighter…dressed to the nines or not.

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  1. So sorry there is no conclusion as of yet. Once again your insight brings laughter and pause to ponder. Much love to you.

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