As I journeyed back to China, the country waking up after its Corona Quarantine, I stopped in Laos.


The French bakeries are that good. I also was melting like a Snickers bar left in the sun in Kuala Lumpur. Yes, it’s that hot.

So while in Vientiane, the sleepy capital about the size and feel of St. Joseph, Michigan, I decided to pick up some thank you gifts for my assistants and friends who have been keeping the online classroom up and running from afar. One of my stops was for books.

Well, I ran across a bilingual copy of a Loas Folktale. From the cover, it had less in common with Hansel and Gretel and more in common with a teen horror movie.

For all of you who hoarded toilet paper for the Corona Virus?

This one’s for you.


My friend, the teacher who is getting the book,   is from the Philippines. She commented, “We have a similar story!”

Foodie Refugee

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