It’s Day -way too long- of the Corona virus exile. While I was on holiday in Loas, I was informed not to go back to China. Twenty three days later, I find myself in Kuala Lumpur recycling the same three outfits.

But instead of kayaking the Mekong River and falling down manholes in caves, I will be teaching my students via online technology from a swank new school in Kuala Lumpur.

Even though the air is so humid that you can lick it, you still have to cover up in Maylasia. Sleeveless shirts are not allowed as it’s a Muslim country. Fortunately, another teacher is lending me some clothes.

But can anyone lend me a piece of mind?


Being on Corona exile sucks. I miss my space. I miss my sock drawer. I’m stressed out regarding when I can return to China and what it will be like when I get there. Plus, there are umpteen items I wish I would’ve packed if I knew this exile would be this long, like my waffle iron.

You see, my tongue craves a taste of normalcy. It’s a refugee in Kuala Lumpur, searching for a taste of home. I miss the Chinese pig part cart guy on Mondays, sizzling pork and peppers on Tuesday, pizza with my Book Club pizza buds on Friday.

My host brought me and a few other teachers to a grocery store as we might be here for longer than the hotel size bottles of shampoo she left for us in our bathrooms. We should be able to purchase the familiar for a few Malaysian ringgets. I searched for bargains, starting with toothpaste.

I think Kaye Sugi is bark flavor. The orange-mint flavor was twice the price, which I find odd, since drinking orange juice after I brush my teeth makes me gag.

Then I got this Sayuran Ungo juice, fortified with Tambahan Gula for half price. Interesting, but it didn’t hit the spot.

As for snack chips? The Po Po were cheaper than the Lentil Cuttlefish. However, I splurged and purchased the Lays Mieng KamKrob Ros Flavor.

If it’s Lays, you know you can’t eat just one.

I can’t forget Aloe Vera yogurt. Do you think it’ll make my tongue smooth?

I was tempted to buy Kickapoo Joy juice which I’m guessing is Malaysian Mountain Dew.

Foreign supermarkets will always be strange. You can buy everything but not the thing you really crave.

I guess I’ll  have to go to Starbucks. If a  Black Sesame Pure Matcha Latte with Taro Foam doesn’t say home, what does?

手shŏu (Hands)







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