Hip. Swag. Dope. Just some of the American slang my Chinese students discussed when the topic du jour was the word,  “cool”.

I ended the lesson discussing another idiom for cool, “freaking freezing!” It was the only way to describe the splizzardy weather in the city of Eternal Springs, where snow siting is as rare as seeing a M?iguórén bundled up in a Thrift Shop pimp coat (splizzard being slang for a spring city blizzard).


Water pipes were frozen –even squatties had iced over yellow puddles– and hot pots were what you had for dinner, not what you sat on in the morning.

It was also the day we planned taking the cable cars (Jin Bo) to the top of the Golden Temple better known as Mingfeng Hill.



The  hike was cool, in both senses of the word.



But nothing is more wrong than snow on cactus.


Except maybe, a lady doing Tai Chi. Make that Tai Chilly.


Hey lady, haven’t you ever heard of hot room yoga?

The ESL students still had fun. While they were bundled up in blankets, I enjoyed wearing my “Where’s Waldo” Hat, knitted for me by one of my Tent City friends in Chicago.


We took the afternoon off but I didn’t tell them to chillax. I hate that word. Besides, too much American slang for one day.

4 thoughts on “Cool Adventure

  1. Ha, I thought the term “chillax” was going to refer to the leftover chili you had for lunch. I’m so glad you are having a great time with the students. It is getting warmer on the south side of the city but we still have no hot water. Will hope to get that fixed before you come “home” this weekend.

  2. Enjoying your adventures, LOVE your violet fur-lined coat, your pics and writing. You have this wonderful ability to bring succinct and delightful closure to your articles…it’s a rare gift!

    Miss you.

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