Airline Math


How do you pick a good flight to Asia? Even a good priced ticket to China makes you cringe when you press the BUY NOW button. But if it’s less than 24 hours door to door, it’s worth every penny. By door to door, that includes, schlepping to the airport and down time between connections.


It even includes security checks, even including the doozy I experienced in Shang Hai. The TSA agent was certain there was a box cutter somewhere between my tangle of power cords and power bars in my carry on. And she was right. Sorta disturbing how this forbidden object made it through security checks in Detroit and Chicago.


You can also save money by selecting a seat in the Economy section, better known as the screaming baby section.


Finally, fly on an off day.

My flight to China departed on New Year’s Eve but since we traveled west, we missed every celebration on the planet. By the time the plane crossed the international time line and landed, it was already January 2nd.

And with the money you save?  You can purchase a pair of bootleg shoes.


Or join a game of poker with the gambling grannies.








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