There are a few phrases I hate muttering in the kitchen. Today it was this:

If you drop a spoon in the coffee grinder, don’t wait a week before getting it out.  


Here are a few other gems I hope I never have to say:

#1. No eating out of the compost bucket.

#2. If a clean plate touches your armpit hair while putting it away, it’s no longer clean.

#3. No eating out of the trash can.

#4. Killing a cockroach with the food inspector certificate isn’t funny.

#5  The liquid oozing out of a forty pound bag of chicken should never confused with chicken drippings.

#6 If you find a tumor in the meat,  don’t post a picture on instagram

#7 Do not wash cooked meat and reuse it.

#8 Hair nets can double as beard nets

#9 Washing your hands after eating out of the compost bucket or trash can  doesn’t make it OK.

#10 Fingers are not a serving utensil.

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