It sounds like one of the gadgets you can only buy at Christmas time along with  a Chia Pet.

A pickle pancake warmer.

No batteries or assembly required. All you need is an old pickle bucket,  bubble wrap,  hot leftovers and a heart for the homeless.

We had the idea today in the kitchen when we had a surplus of pancakes.


Our friends at Tent Village would love a hot stack in this cold,wet weather,  but by the time someone would walk the pancakes to their colorful tents from our kitchen, the food would be cold.

Keeping food hot can be a problem when wanting to feed the homeless in cold weather. Repurposing a pickle bucket solved the problem.

So we took a clean pickle bucket, lined it with bubble tape and filled it with pancakes.


We rolled the pancakes into roses, trying to get our Martha Stewart on.

Then we heated up some syrup and stuck it in the middle of the bucket.


The pancakes were hot and toasty when they arrived under the  Wilson viaduct where several of Chicago’s Uptown’s urban nomads live in tents. They couldn’t eat all of the pancakes, so the rest were shared with the homeless on Lawrence.

They appreciated the warm rooty tooty breakfast, too.

One of the residents of Tent City showed their appreciation for the warm meal by giving  something I couldn’t buy in  a store: a hand made hat she crocheted.


Sorta look like Where’s Waldo, don’t I?

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