Cap’n America

The best thing about being left by my husband in the middle of Asia in the middle of your life is that every day is a new chance to figure out who I am.

But screw that. I’m on holiday. It’s the Vietnamese New Year so instead of figuring out my purpose, I’ll be searching for something really challenging. Cap’n Crunch. It’s one American thing I haven’t seen in Asia. I just burnt a hole through the roof of my mouth with this spicy stuff. It was time to tear the rest of it to shreds.

That black thing isn’t a snail. It’s Vietnamese fire that could burn off warts.

So where exactly am I? I’m in Nha Trang, a twelve-hour train ride from Da Nang, where I just left, which snaked through an endless blanket of green velvet, rice patties, and small villages. The train itself sorta sucked, the berths being too small to sit in anything other than a yoga position. But the view was worth the Restless Leg Syndrome. Here’s a one minute snippet. I apologize for the bird poop.

This baby had the right idea.

My hotel in Nha Trang is in a colorful district of the town (code for not the most glamorous neighborhood). It is next to a pool hall /coffee shop…

Which is next to a karaoke/coffee shop…

Which is next to the Phat coffee shop…

Which is across from this coffee shop loaded with card players and girls tugging their spandex minis.

There’s no shortage of caffeine here.

I got up early to go see the sunrise and have an inspirational poster moment. That lasted for about thirty seconds. After that, I was back on my quest to find the Cap’n. And low and behold, on the way back to my hotel, my prayer was answered. Well, sort of. I stumbled upon an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet for 100,000 dong (about $4.30). They had items from here to the flipside, including eggs, bread, juices, salad, an assortment of fruits and noodles, cheese, meats, and stop-my-heart: Cocoa Krispies.
OK. So it wasn’t Cap’n Crunch with Crunch Berries, but I enjoyed a bowl with some dragon fruit as part of a complete breakfast.

Other than coffee and Cocoa Krispies, what is the food scene like in Nha Trang, Vietnam?

Well, you got to love a town where you can get a lobster on any corner.

I don’t know what this lady was making, but she sure used a lot of dishes.

This thing I ate? It came with a free prize inside. A quail egg. I’d prefer a decoder ring.

And here’s me, still trying to figure out where to look when I snap a selfie. That’s almost as hard as figuring out what to do with the rest of my life. Here’s to more coffee until I figure it out.

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