Signs gone wrong

Never believe everything you read on the internet–nor the signs you read in China. They don’t sell whales here. Or semi-pregnant lips. Goat crackers? It’s not a bad translation. Just a bad idea.   I think I’ll stick with Ritz. This doesn’t sound like a big business idea to me. China has the best of the worse signage. But the sign […]

Kunming Antique Furniture Market

The best thing about the antique/used furniture market in Kunming is that you can find about anything there. The hardest thing is finding it. It’s on the north side,   just on the edge of the city where new construction butts up to real life pages of national geographic.   You’ll make a right on a small “Am-I-on-the-right-street?” kinda street. ” […]

Chinese Costco

The rumors are true. There is a  Costco store in China. The bummer is, the store in online, meaning no free samples of  pigs in the blanket in the frozen aisle. I mean, without samples, what’s the point of Costco? But in the quaint village Kunming,  (population approaching seven million), there is Metro. It’s a German version of the popular […]