Same Same But Different.

In Bangkok,  there is a T-shirt that’s popular with tourists. On the front it reads: SAME SAME,  on the back it reads: BUT DIFFERENT. I found that XXL saying  true this weekend following another shooting in Uptown. Now after living in China, I know what firecrackers sound like. And living in Uptown, I know what bullets sound like. And just like the popular tourist T-shirt, there […]

Walk of Shame: Displacing Uptown’s Homeless

Over the past two days,  I witnessed two walks. First,  was the walk of thousands of music lovers in Chicago’s Uptown to the Mumford and Sons concert. They walked right in front of where I live, lemmings on their way to the concert venue at Montrose Harbor. The Alderman wanted to make sure  the streets were clean for these drive-by visitors […]

Sugar Glazed Justice

“Miss,  could you spare a dollar so I could get something to eat?” I took a good look at his leathery face as he rattled his cup near the Dunkin’ Donuts in Uptown. “Nope.” I didn’t feel guilty at all when I said it. That’s because I was the cook in the building where he lived. “I am so insulted!” I laughed. “Are […]