It’s Dragon Day festival in China,  another holiday that revolves around food.

Lots of it.


These are called zhongzi (pronounced jong-gee) a pyramid shaped package of rice and sweet fruit filling–at least I think it’s fruit–with a few good size seeds.


You can crack a tooth on one of them if you’re not careful.

You can’t buy zhongi from a vending machine. Zhongi are made by this assembly line.


I also had dinner at a student’s house this week. Get this–she had a  pet owl. This little creature ruled the roost–keeping their horse size mastiff in line.


There were twenty two dishes to pass around the table–and that didn’t include the appetizer spread–


All that food was chased by small glasses of baijiu –which is lighter fluid in a fancier bottle.


Other delicacies included Abalone, fermented leaf tips and fish head soup.

And when we were done, we could brush our teeth with cockroach toothpaste.


then crash on this instead of a couch.


Or, if we were  still hungry, we could  order something off of a real Chinese take out menu…


Or head to the ” 7-11″ for one of this bad boys…


And boy, do they smell bad.

Suddenly,  moon pies and twinkies don’t sound that weird.



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