OK. I love living in China. Where else in the world will a sixty year old woman be called beautiful? Who cares they it because beautiful is the only English word they know how to say. It still sounds good. China makes our phones, has the corner on the world sock industry and of course, produced the parts that allow me to peck out this post. But there is one thing China can create better.


I got stuck in Xishuangbanna China during a Covid outbreak. One tourist from Guangzhou shows up and the entire tourist destination shuts down. Not only did Xishuangbanna shut down, everyone was required to be stabbed and poked and put their plans on riding elephants on hold.

I spent over eighteen hours in lines that spanned four days and three locations, getting up before sunrise to claim my space and beat the crowds, only to discover that uh, that it caused a crowd.

Here’s a quick video. Yes, I know my eyeliner is clumped.

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