I bought them out of curiosity. Pink Oreos. Playdoh pink.

In China, who knows what the flavor Pink would be. There are firecracker red hot dogs, black eggs, purple rice, orange mushrooms, green oranges, and clear grain alcohol that can clean your clock.

But pink?

This was definitely a moment for that bald buy from the food channel…what’s his name? Andrew Zimmern. Well, maybe not. Oreos, no matter their color, will never be as disgusting as Three Squeaks, a delicacy made from newborn mice in Guangdong.

Chinese Oreos are a bit thinner than American single stuffed and smaller in diameter. The Pink flavor is some sort of blossom. The smell is that artificially fake berry smell of Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries spritzed with road-trip rest stop freshener.

The taste? A blast from the past. Pink Oreos are the reincarnation of that edible lipstick candy.

Other Oreo flavors in China include tea, lemon, coffee, and mixed berry. I think I’ll stick with rose moon cakes, none of which I’ll dip into camel milk.

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