The word Kennedy must be Spanish for cat. Why? Because this top Lima tourist attraction is crawling with felines, not dead presidents. According to a local expert (that being a two-year-old), there are forty-two cats in Lima’s Kennedy Park, one of which is a devote Catholic.

I’m staying close enough to Kennedy Park to hear their screeching at night, that is, if these cats did screech. But they don’t. They know their gig, just like the lions at the zoo, Mickey at Disney World, or someone punching in nine to five with a monotonous factory job. The cats meander around the grass, allowing tourists to take selfies and even toddlers to tug their long tails. It’s all in a day’s work. Benefits include unlimited bowls of Friskies.

While the cats of Kennedy Park are easily adoptable, why would a can want to leave this paradise? Put on your whiskers and cat brain for a moment: why be imprisoned in a boring home when you could have unlimited laps to sit in and calves to rub against? Plus, you’d never be yelled at for jumping on the counter.

But if you ask me, purring creatures aren’t cats, they are reincarnated monkeys. They know how to perform for tourists, keeping Kennedy Park the hub of Lima fun and action.

While most like to sleep under a tree or on the thick green grass, some like kick pack on the gravel. Some of today’s star kitties are below. Here are a few of the cats working the morning shift in Kennedy Park:

Peruvian cat color schemes are black, tabby, tortoise, blue, and more black. The cats tend to be lean and long legged. Unlike the cats of Bangkok with bobbed tails, Peruvian cats have tails long enough to swing off trees. Maybe they were monkeys in a past life.

Kennedy Park is in Lima’s Miraflores district. The Park is also dog friendly.

4 thoughts on “Kennedy Park: the Cat’s Meow

  1. So fun! Congratulations on making it to Peru my friend!
    I know you are gonna have a great new life there. Keep us posted!^_^

    1. Thank you! I start teaching English to language learners on Ground Hogs Day. I’m shopping for a home and sampling the food until then.

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