Peeing. Taking a whiz. Draining one’s dragon. Going to the can.

Nothing can give more relief than finding a sparkling clean toilet seat at a gas station in the middle of nowhere. But as much as peeing can make car passengers feel good, peeing on a pregnancy stick can bring fear and stress to the typical teen.

Strolling down that aisle at the drugstore alone,  buying not one, but two pregnancy test kits  (just to double check) has been a horribly painful experience for many teen girls.

Feelings of loneliness, fear and remorse and that’s even before the baby is born, which will bring another wave of unexpected emotions.

If you are dealing with teen pregnancy at your church, Christian ministry or youth group, you’ll be dealing with these emotions, too. They are  not easy stuff. Along with the baby comes a new bundle of emotions for the teen mom. Learn more about the 3motions of Teen Pregnancy.

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