“I know the meaning of the word. I just don’t know the meaning of the meaning.” –Albert, 8ELA, trying to defend an answer on his test.

You can’t write this stuff. Every day, a middle-schooler will say something that will be remembered more than anything I had to say about the proper use of ellipses. The best of the week was from Hanna, who, in the style of Walt Whitman, shared how eating a pickled burned her testicles.

Poetry projects always elicit good responses. My class Poet Laureate, had no idea why the boys were laughing. I made her look up testicles in the dictionary.

I learned the hard way never to have only boys work together on a group project. While the girls got the gist of a cooking show assignment (trying to whip up new uses for vocabulary words),the boys, well, you can watch it yourself.


At least they’re wearing clean socks.

That video was chased by this message from the chief potato chanter, “Ms. Sins, there is an F in Powerschool, and I’m not sure it’s supposed to be there.”

With the Zero Tolerance to not adhering to the English Only policy, we are hearing more swearing. It’s not that students didn’t swear before, they just swore in Chinese.

Toilet Talk–not that kaka is swearing, but this original word for cake, which was borrowed from the Vikings, is also a universal word for poop. This is something I learned from my smorgasbord of second-graders when making this Norse recipe in class, which tasted like a honey-dipped sponge.

So, if kids do use bad language, do you wash their mouths out with soap, or do you just brush their teeth with this?

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