So at church yesterday, a young couple asked for prayer. For a few years, they’ve been trying to adopt a Chinese baby –a process riddled with as much red tape as the Great Wall is long. As they told their tear jerking story, the couple shared how another family is considering adopting the same child. “Everyone, will you please pray […]

手shŏu (Hands)

I was half listening to the sermon, peeping my phone, spinning my rings. My great grandma’s wedding ring from Germany, most likely pounded out of nail as nail smithing was the family trade. Chunky black onyx from a favorite aunt. A gold band with my name engraved in Hawaiian, Awapui, slightly better than the Chinese translation: Pure and Powerful Wheat. […]


For the past few weeks, I have been on the judging panel for the China Daily English contest for the Yunnan Province finals. I’m the token dà bí zi měi guó  ren (Big nosed American) so I’m the designated question master. Translation? I had to ask each contestant a question about the impromptu speech they had to give. It was […]