Imagine  an ongoing adventure about two boys growing up in  Detroit neighborhood so tough, viagra that even the rats need guns.

It’s Hoodie, a coming of age adventure that combines the reality of living in the city with values and humor.

It begins when  ten year old Haman  Brookes  finds a wallet left in the pocket of a hoodie that contains money, a mysterious key and a library card. When his older streetwise friend, Ice, discovers what the key opens, he develops a devious scheme to make money. Haman reluctantly helps Ice, and the key changes the direction of their lives.

Hoodie allows you to discuss life choices of the inner city: from stealing candy to drive by shootings, imprisoned parents to bible-thumping relatives, getting in trouble at school to getting in trouble with the police.  And all the time, creating a craving for reading with high risk youth and  reluctant readers.

Students will realize that they are only one mistake away from changing the course of their life.

Fact: On average, African American twelfth-grade students read at the same level as white eighth-grade students.

Hoodie is designed with after school tutoring programs in mind, with rap up questions that you use in both faith based and after school programs.

Great for language learners and high risk youth. Coming soon as a download!

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