Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith $5

This series, Leap of Faith, focuses on animals stories in the Bible, from a plague of frogs to living high
on the hog. Each lesson relates a biblical theme to an issue city kids can relate to today.  Shortie Pages from TastyFaith Shortie  help young urban minds with their reading and writing skills while SHOWING kids how to apply scripture to their lives. Each reproducible lesson is two pages long.


  1. Whale Jail
    2. Zoo Cruise
    3. Livin’ High on the Hog4. Manger Stranger
    5. Leap of Faith
    6. A Tight Squeeze for a Camel
    7. Donkey Talk
    8. Ram in a Jam
    9. Kentucky Fried Quail
    10. Fleece Police
    BONUS: A Wolf Wearing Wool