Hoodie, , streetwise meets book-smart in a multi-purpose resource

You’d be surprised how much trouble a kid can get into for throwing a milk carton. That’s what happens in TastyFaith’s newest resource,  HOODIE.  Hoodie is  ongoing novel about two friends–one streetwise,  the other booksmart–and the escalating trouble they get into in their Detroit neighborhood. Can a friendship between a streetwise and booksmart friend survive the pressures of the street? […]


Imagine  an ongoing adventure about two boys growing up in  Detroit neighborhood so tough, viagra that even the rats need guns. It’s Hoodie, a coming of age adventure that combines the reality of living in the city with values and humor. It begins when  ten year old Haman  Brookes  finds a wallet left in the pocket of a hoodie that contains money, […]

Jesus Jail

So I’ve been incarcerated for almost a year now. Not at Cook County,  but Jesus Jail. But you might know it as Jesus People or JPUSA, an intentional faith based living community. Folk from all walks of life live here: artists, musicians,  junkies, punkies, the tatooed, tattered and torn, all taking  time out from whatever broke them to recover. And people come […]

Creating a Craving for Literacy

Harriet the Spy. Curious George. Homer Price with his donut machine Three of my favorite childhood friends. I would travel around the world and back with them,  my ticket to these places being a local library card. Now, kids aren’t even getting off the tarmac of their imagination, as some won’t read anything longer than a tweet. In Asia, there […]

Mosquito Theology

I call him skeeter. That’s what Frank* reminds me of. Actually,  with his tweed cap and trimmed beard, Frank reminds me of someone who should be smoking a pipe at an English pub instead of making cornbread at a Jesus Hippie Community.  Anyway, he started telling me his  story while  cracking thirty six eggs. “I was a drug evangelist. I liked them so much, I’d […]

A New Door

Today,  I entered a new door. I moved into Jesus People USA,  aka Hippies for Jesus. It’s community style living where the residents serve the poor and homeless in Uptown, Chicago, of which I am one of them. It’s where I’ll be staying until whatever door opens next. Julie Andrews, the housing director, let me into my new home. Make […]

Unsafe at Home

  Imagine you sent your only child eight thousand miles away to go to school in Chicago. Not a suburb, but Chicago,  the murder capital of America with shootings heard around the world. You trust your child at a faith based school, spending as much as $40,000 a year to live and study there. And this is the only thing […]