Year of the Entitled Attitude

“So Ginger, do you want to come over for game night? We’re playing Secret Hitler.” I rubbed my eyes. “I think I’ve been playing it all day.” Don’t go off the deep end. My book club friends are also into high strategy board games, the kind that require you to watch a You-Tube Video before rolling the dice. In Secret […]

Hanoi: Fast and Furious

  Hanoi is like that coworker who drank one too many cups of coffee.   Chaotic, noisy, highly caffeinated with French frou-frou around the fringes with an old Asian soul. I went to Hanoi to unwind which is was impossible as going to the Willy Wonka Chocolate factory to lose weight. Don’t get me wrong. I love the Hanoi from […]

The Dress

  Girls dream all of their lives what to wear on their wedding day. But what do you wear on the day or your divorce? My final hearing called was scheduled for November 2nd, one thirty in the afternoon Wisconsin time. But being in China, that would be 2:30 am, thirteen hours into the future. It had been arranged that […]

And So the Red Tape Rolls

I have a legendary story about how I got my first job in advertising. I wrote a letter seeking advice regarding what to do with foam rubber sumo wrestler. I hoped that my letter–or at least picture of this monstrosity– would lead to an interview. It didn’t. The letter lead to a job offer at an agency bigger than wrestler’s […]

Styrofoam Man

OK, I hate Chicago traffic. But in China, getting stuck on a bus makes you thankful. Why? You always see someone who has it worse you. Like this styrofoam man, in Kunming, China. I mean, how do you get this job? Was he a Tour de France hopeful who didn’t make the cut, just like the Olympic 4th placer who […]