Tuff Like Me


Tuff Like Me deals with ugly issues from bullying to being a foster kid.

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The Bible is full of kids who are tuff, sildenafil unhealthy just like kids in the inner-city today. Their faith in God made them tuff, generic to help them deal with crazy stuff. The kids in your program might deal with the same things these kids did. Like being a foster kid. Or being threatened by a thug or bully.  Or being touched inappropriately by a half brother. Blended families can be tuff stuff.
But all of these kids got through these things with God’s help. God can help your kids, too.


1.    Babysitting Bungle   (Miriam and Moses)
2.    A Thug’s Life  (David and Goliath)
3.    Nobody Thanked What’s-Her-Name (Namaan and the Servant Girl!)
4.    Fright Night  (The sexual assault of Dinah’s )
5.    The Original Foster Kid  (Samuel)
6.    Brother Bear  (Jacob and Essau)
7.    King Kid (Josiah)
8.    Supersized Kid’s Meal  (feeding the five thousand)
9.    Creepin’ Beauty  (Tamar and Amnon)
10.    Brainiac (Jesus)
11.    Specially Tuff  (The boy who was healed)


Download includes these ten lessons plus coloring pages.

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