1712122_detailThe free4all series contains lessons that will build unity as a group as well as cover the major free offers in the Bible. And what teen doesn’t want something for free?


Trying to build unity with a group of tough teens who always want something for nothing?


This TastyFaith lesson series was created especially for urban youth leaders and outreach workers dealing with teens who are searching for something better than the streets. A group of teen boys from a rough area in Chicago was inspiration for this series. They need hope, they need help, they need Christ.

Lesson  include:

1. Free to join a Royal Family

2. Free from Trash Talk (bullying)

3. Free from #!@*ing

4. Free to Unplug from the Ugh! (Media influences)

5. Free from the Tug of the Thugs (Gangs)

6. Free Long Distance (talking to God)

7. Free Admission (free ticket to heaven)

8. Free Guts no Buts (sharing Christ)

9. Free Designer Gear (the armor of God)

10. Free from Debt (letting go of anger)

Get a downloadable leader’s guide, teen handbook and verse cards from TastyFaith. All reproducible.


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