Knows Sums Bible lessons for urban youth outreach from TastyFaith focus on the basics of Christianity.


Want to go over the basics of Christianity with tough city teens and at risk youth? Start here. 

Slam! (simple life-changing applicable downloadable messages) focuses on issues that urban teens face, from gangs to teen pregnancy to broken homes. They were originally developed  by TastyFaith for a teen outreach program in Chicago, but have been used for over a decade with high risk youth around the world.

Ya Knows Sums Ya Grows Sums focus on the basics of knowing and growing in Christ, helping urban teens apply it to the tough issues of their environment.


TastyFaith believes that your youth program provides a great opportunity to help improve reading and writing skills with urban youth. 


1. KNOW you’re a VIP

2. KNOW ya got Life

3. KNOW Christ

4. KNOW Right God

5. KNOWS what it’s like

6. What ya Don’t KNOW

7. It’s Time for Miracle GROW

8. GROW 24/7

9. GROW in LOVE cuz we’re all from the same nutty family tree

10. Don’t GROW weary

             BONUS LESSON: GROW strong with WEED BE GONE

Get a Leader’s Guide, Teen Handbook and Verse Cards. All downloadable and reproducible.


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