SheWise: Wisdom Beyond Streetsmarts


SheWise: Wisdom Beyond Street Smarts.

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Wisdom Beyond Street Smarts for the urban teen.

Wisdom Beyond Street Smarts, discount cialis view WISE is an acronym for:

W She’s waiting

I She’s imaginative

S She’s socially skillful

E She’s educated

These hope based lessons supply advice beyond streetsmarts for multi-ethnic girls, viagra usa covering tuff topics from abortion to self image and being a fatherless daughter. Great for teen lead groups, one on one mentoring and outreach programs in non-church environments. Sixty life changing pages. One purchase gives you unlimited download and copying rights for all of the ladies in your program.

The “Jesus cheat sheet” will come with the resource for when it is used in Christian settings.

Download includes SheWise and She Wise Cheat Sheet, which can transform it to a faith based resource.

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