Bad Dogs


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Bad Dogs and Wild Hogs deal with some of the animal tales in the Bible, from the dogs that ate Jezebel to the Bulleys that teased Elisha about his bald-head –before bald heads were hip. All stories contain issues city kids deal with today. Shortie Pages allow you to work on reading and writing skills while teaching kids about God.

FACT: the number one perpetuator of poverty is the lack of education, and your outreach program can help keep your kids from becoming another statistic.

BAD DOGS AND WILD HOGS include these following lessons:

1. Bad Dogs
2. Wild Hogs
3. Lowly but Holy
4. Holy Cowabunga!
5. Bulleys and the Bears
6. Cock-a-doodle-don’t!
7. Stop Bugging Me!
8. A Snack from a Snake
9. Wing Dingers
10. Lambo

Download includes ten lessons, each two pages long, plus coloring pages. You have the right to copy them for every kid in your neighborhood.

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