Kunming Antique Furniture Market

tcmmedicinecabinetThe best thing about the antique/used furniture market in Kunming is that you can find about anything there. The hardest thing is finding it.


It’s on the north side,   just on the edge of the city where new construction butts up to real life pages of national geographic.



You’ll make a right on a small “Am-I-on-the-right-street?” kinda street. ” A good landmark is  this little hotel, which isn’t on Agoda’s select list.


Then you’ll head on down this little road lined with bricks on one side and old guys playing checkers on the other.


Keep walking straight until you get to the shop with the lady patting her baby’s bottom.


Hang a left at the wet market and you’ll see warehouses about a hundred yards down.


You can find some really funky stuff…


There’s an old computer graveyard…


Mattresses…both new and used…


This reminds me of an old barber’s chair that my Uncle Charles had.


Old trunks, canteens, war first aid kits and pottery.

coolfindskunmingantiuquemarketAnd if you want to haul away your treasures, drivers for hire are easy to find.


I  found something I wanted for years.

An anatomically correct Ken.


I think Barbie will be happy, too.

3 comments to “Kunming Antique Furniture Market”
  1. Hi. do you have a more detail address or maybe a map where the place is? I would really like to go there but North of town is a very large area. Thank you Lukas

    • Wish I had better directions.
      Hi, it’s about one mile to the right of the intersection of Longquan and Linyu ( the road Walmart and Carnival are one). It’ll be on the right side of the two way divided street. Keep your eyes peeled. The gateway is hidden down an alley.

  2. Walmart is on Linyu and Beijing Lu I think. Is it after the Walmart coming from Longquan and Linyu intersection? Same side as Walmart? I am not quite sure if you just make fun here 😉

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