Thank you, TSA



If security opens your box, do they have tape for you to re-tape it?

The answer is yes.

But I have to ask, who inspects the work of the TSA? I thought my belongings were gnawed at by a group of hamsters.

Items were squirting out of the sides of the box like excess jelly on a P&J. Nothing was remove from my box–not even the cheese–which I guess is on the “no-fly” list of items along with gasoline and fireworks. Dairy is scary.

However, my sharp cheddar was taken out of the bubble wrap insulation.

As frustrating at they are, TSA  procedures in the States are quite lax compared to other corners of the world.  You are sniffed for explosives upon entering the airport. Their X-ray machines have found items failed to be plucked by those wearing blue gloves in the states,  including a forgotten box cutter that got wedged inside frame of my Samsonsite. Carry-ons are searched one more time in the snorkel tube, after your boarding pass has been collected.  And as for the lady with the hand wand scanner? She spends more time with me than gynecologist for my annual check up.

So when I arrived in Beijing with a tattered box, I was happy to see this:

Just three bucks with no fear that my underwear will ooze out on the luggage carousel.


So what was in the big box? Along with cheese and a Coscto size carton of Goldfish, I had this:

It’s a drawing my dad did when he was a student at Austin High School in Chicago back in 1946.   His instructor, A.E. Jarvis, approved it.

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